Welcome to The Grey Estates. Established in 2013.

I'm Lauren Rearick, the founder and editor of TGE. Other people do a better job at describing us than me, so here's what they've said:

Logo: Jena Pyle

Logo: Jena Pyle

People say that we're “powered by girl power and dreams." In 2015, Style of Sound ranked us as the 95th most influential indie music blog in the world.  Headphone Nation crowned us one of 20 music blogs you should follow. Negative Fun Records calls us “the best music blog in the world.” Loverboy Magazine says we're a "feminist music blog they're besotted with."  

We host and sponsor events featuring performances from Widowspeak, Girlpool, The Spook School, Leggy, American Culture, Winter and more. For more information on events and sponsorship please visit our contact page. 

Sometimes we release tapes and compilations. You can view them under the compilations tab. If you can't get enough - here's our newsletter and our podcast!

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