The Grey Estates Month In Review

Here's a few of the highlights you might have missed from the past month. For the month of July our label of the month is Infinity Cat Records.

Don't forget! You can always follow along with our updated Spotify playlist.


Creator Chats: Lilith

Read up on what happened when the members of LIlith interviewed each other about making music, Harry Styles, and more.

 Photo: Sarah Cass

Photo: Sarah Cass

"Seattle Freeze" - WHo IS She?

June 2018 was filled with lots of rad premieres, including the debut of a new video from Who Is She?. For more premieres, including a new song from WIMPS and a new video from Blushh click below!


INterviews with Hop Along + More

Wanna know what Hop Along's dream merch item would be? We have a ton of past interviews from June and more that features chats with artists including Florry, Indigo De Souza, Wished Bone, Remember Sports & more.

 Photo: Le'Donne Morris

Photo: Le'Donne Morris

Tunes, tunes, so many tunes

Of course, we didn't forget to share all the new music that crossed our inboxes this month! From videos to album streams, there's a lot of new and even old releases we loved. Catch up on what we're listening to here and explore some of the music we enjoyed here.