mp3: "New Starts in Old Dominion" - Bent Shapes

In 2013 we fell in love with Bent Shapes, and in 2016, our love was totally rekindled. "New Starts In Old Dominion" is the band's first single from Wolves of Want - out on March 11 through Slumberland Records. 

It features that same signature breakneck pop, although for this go-round there's a significant amount of heart. The struggles of coming into your own, a desperation to overcome it all etched into the fiber of the single, and in the album as a whole. As the album's press release explains, "Wolves of Want is an album full of meditations on mental illness, the struggle to bring goodness into the world, and faith in humanity as a renewable resource." With the sounds and honesty of Bent Shapes as our guides, this world is certainly a lot better off.

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The Breakdown: "Bathroom Culture" - AVAVA

The Breakdown: "Bathroom Culture" - AVAVA