mp3: "Voices" - Posse

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Paul Wittmann-Todd’s vocals radiate an eerie zen throughout Seattle psych trio Posse’s new single, aptly titled “Voices.” Cool and collected reveries are crooned over calm bass lines and ethereal guitar strums. Midway through the track spawns an absolutely gorgeous reverbed guitar riff that contrasts the minimalistic opus that burns slowly through its six-minute-plus runtime. 

“If I gave up all my hobbies/ And you gave up yours, too/ Would we be okay doing nothing?” These seemingly rhetoric questions litter the track’s narrative, juxtaposed with eerie pontifications about century old voices haunting the no-nonsense vocal delivery. 

“Would you be okay if I changed?” The singer seems to be struggling with existential daydreams that stick to you like molasses. The song’s lukewarm chug reflects the natural resistance of transformation, a concept that humans cloy for but have a difficult time achieving. 

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