Album of the Week: Dang - Leggy

Leggy's star has been fast to rise over the last few years, and on their latest EP Dang it's easy to see why. The Cincinnati "lush punk" trio has been one of the most consistent bands we've followed, with each of their releases leaving a lastingly sweet impression behind.

On this 4-track EP the pace is breakneck, and the garage pop is as saccharine as ever. In a little under ten minutes, the band takes you on a joyride, their path winding past a false romance ("Bruises"), beaus that just "can't hold my attention," a "Backyard" habited by an offensive lover, and arriving at the reckoning that comes after when you finally realize sorry isn't good enough ("Waisted"). With wicked guitar lines from Veronique Allaer (who also provides the syrupy lead vocals) and Kerstin Bladh, as well as the ruthless drumming of Chris Campbell, Dang is an adventure through Leggy's corrupted Candy Land, where everything is much sweeter than it seems. 

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