mp3: "Cosmos" - Jawbreaker Reunion

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Jawbreaker Reunion’s haha and then what ;) EP-now-turned-LP sounds like it will contain beautifully earnest pop ballads. "Your X" displayed uncomfortable earnestness about self-image in relation to a significant other. On "Cosmos", the newly released single from the band, they to expand the theme: “I am a satellite and you mean the world to me.”
The appropriately titled track starts out in lackadaisical fashion, a tender guitar picking intro underneath shimmering vocals. Mastrodimos and Mazzetti trade-off in singing duties, utilizing galactic metaphors to describe an impossible expanse.
“I’ll keep you close for millions/The sun will swallow up the earth” is the parting light as the sparkling guitar transforms into a distorted explosion that drifts to fade. The song soars, explodes, expands, and collapses on itself. It burns up and out like the brightest of stars

It's out 2/26 through Miscreant Records.

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