Pop Quiz: Littler

Each taste of the upcoming Littler release (out through Birdtapes on 3/25) has literally been the best thing ever. We thought our love reached its peak, and then they took this Pop Quiz and now we're pretty much BFFs. 


The Grey Estates: If the story of Littler was a Baby Sitters Club Book, what would the title of the book be?

MM: Littler and the Bad Kind of Punks

AB: Littler and the Big 'Huh?'

IGK: Littler and the Bad Joke

TGE: If Littler was forced to be on "Chopped" what ingredients would you hope were in the main course basket?

MM: I’d probably hope for the things I cook with all the time like mushrooms or olives. Or like as far as flavoring devices go chipotle peppers or miso. I'd probably lose though because I'd be too busy trying to help Dan not burn down the kitchen. 

DC: Macaroni, cheese, and more cheese.

IGK: No mushrooms or olives. Light on the dairy. I don't like to cook, but I'm very good at ordering takeout.

AB: Cashews to snack on while I cook? I don't know, I'm more of a Cutthroat Kitchen girl, I think I could overcome a devilish sabotage like only being able to use a pocket knife better than figuring out what to make with a sea urchin or vienna sausages or some shit. 

TGE: What are your top 5 sleepover movies?

MM: Scream, Heathers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Best in Show, Valley Girl

DC: Sleepless in Seattle, Sleepers, Sleeping with the Enemy, Sleepy Hollow, The Science of Sleep

AB: Hackers (great movie to dance to), Thirteen (to inspire a bad decision), Spring Breakers, Best in Show, the Die Hard franchise. 

IGK: Troop Beverly Hills, Waiting for Guffman, Little Women (1994 version), Grey Gardens, the Godfather

TGE: If Littler was going to name a margarita what would you call it?

MM: I'd name it after the van, The Previa. 

DC: Margauxrita (after our dog) or Marge-a-rita (after our friends)

AB: I came up with Atomic Slosh and I don't remember why.

IGK: I don't drink a lot, so probably the No Thanks, Rita.

TGE: What's been on your playlists lately? Or what tapes/records have you picked up?

MM: In no particular order: Stove "Is Stupider," Palehound "Dry Food," and Shopping "Why Choose?"

DC: I recently picked up the new Adele record, then I put it back down again and continued shopping.

AB: The Hackers soundtrack, Garge Munk (the new Marge/Gunk split), Hannah Diamond, Parquet Courts "Monastic Living"

IGK: Hinds "Leave Me Alone," Childbirth "Women's Rights," Pat Suzuki oldies

TGE: How did Littler come together?

DC: We usually come separately.

IGK: I'm very punctual.

The shorthand version is: Ivy and Madeline met through a summer creative writing program in high school. They stayed in touch. Ivy met Dan over the internet when Dan was asking for help to sneak into a show. Ivy introduced Dan and Madeline when Dan’s other band Slow Animal came to play a show at Madeline’s house. We met Anne later when we all lived in Philly. Ivy, Dan, and Madeline initially started the band for First Time’s the Charm which was a show geared to people who were new to being in bands/new to playing instruments. This was only true to Dan in the sense that he was a drummer and in Littler he played guitar. Anne joined later when we were a little better and more capable of her abilities ;-)

AB: Madeline asked if I wanted to be their new drummer and I said, "yeah!" and it's worked out ever since.

TGE: Give us one of your most memorable moments as a band?

MM: Before we played a show with Tweens, us and Marge got Mexican food before the show. We came back to the venue feeling like we were going to die. Ivy continues to refer to her burrito as the "worst decision I've ever made." But you know my dad likes to say funny is the past tense of shit so.

IGK: Speaking of burritos, I had a leftover breakfast burrito on my lap while napping during our drive from LA to Oakland when I suddenly woke up to a foul stench and thought, "Oh great, just as I feared, my burrito has gone dank." But when I opened my eyes, there were miles and miles of factory farm cows. That's pretty macabre, but I guess that's also the best word to describe my relationship with my stomach. Or life in general.

DC: Anne was recalling that song that goes "Get outta my dreams, and into my car," and how it's such a weird song with a weird sentiment, and then we were riffing off of that, going "Get outta my car, and into my other car," and "Get outta my car, and onto my horse," and stuff like that. I guess you had to be there…

AB: I'm bad at picking out memories, going to a dog beach in San Diego and a day of running around sites in San Francisco were both good days though. 

TGE: Using three emojis how would you describe your upcoming album, Of Wandering?

MM: blackhole emoji, stressed/headache emoji, crystal ball emoji

AB: crazy winky eye with tongue sticking out emoji, boy walking with hand in pocket emoji, sensible brown shoe emoji

IGK: squinty eyes with clenched teeth, dancing twins, cloudy sun

TGE: If we were coming to visit you in Philly describe a perfect day.

MM: Philly is a best kept secret that I don't want to give away but it would involve BYOB bowling and dollar tacos.

DC: You come and bring me money and all of my heroes (dead and living) and then I become mayor of Philly and ban stupid shit like the Mummers parade and jabroni's and then we eat cheesesteaks and then I wake up because it's just a dream but we still have a nice day eating cheesesteaks anyway.

AB: It's light jacket weather, we bike (you have a bike, right?) to my favorite tree along the Delaware River, looking out to Camden. The trunk of this tree bends, so you can climb out so that you're sitting above the water. It's a great spot to sit and drink a couple beers, maybe eat a snack. It's tucked away from any streets so it kinda feels like you're not in the city. Not sure after that, probably meet up with Madeline for that BYOB bowling and tacos. 

MM: Maybe we should just join plans because I want you to take me to your romantic-sounding nice view!

IGK: Walk my dog around the neighborhood, eat banh mi sandwiches in the park, watch a movie, in bed my 11pm.

TGE: Pick a type of dog that represents each member of Littler.

MM: I think we should choose our own because I feel like someone is going to get hurt if we say like "you're definitely the Chihuahua of the group" or something. With that in mind, I'd really like to be a Bloodhound because they're my favorite but would have to live with the reality that I'm more of a Beagle or something.

AB: I don't know, I think Chihuahua might be an accurate breed read for me. They are jumpy/startled easily, which is one of my more illustrative qualities. Maybe mix that with the independent nature of a Shiba Inu, the athleticism of a Jack Russel terrier, and the beautiful coat of a Golden Retriever, and you get a mutt. I am a Mutt.  

IGK: While I love dogs, I think my personality is more cat-like. But if I were a dog, I guess a docile, sleepy poodle. Maybe a mini poodle? Definitely a chocolate or black one, though. No bows or funny haircuts. Very hypoallergenic.

MM: Dan is probably a Newfoundland.

mp3: "Drive Your Car" - L.A. Witch

mp3: "Cosmos" - Jawbreaker Reunion