video: "New Future" - Candace

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

The concept of being “sent” was popularized during the late 60s. Young adults were terrified by the state of the world, Americans were disgusted by the injustice of the Vietnam War, and civil rights issues started to shape the direction of a brave new world. With so much strife and oppression in the world, many found refuge in soundscapes and ideals that music could provide. The ability to be transported on musical tidal waves to a controlled, measured world where “all you need is love” was endlessly appealing. Portland, Oregon trio Candace (formally known as Is/Is) have delivered an irresistible new single that acts as a conduit for new horizons. “New Future” is a warm, washed-out, slow burn track that highlights the band’s evolving maturity. Reverb drenched guitars provide unique sonic textures and lovely ghost-like guitar leads over a smooth low-end bassline. The song comes to a head with a soaring guitar swell, and a myriad of dreamy textures turn into a pleasing sonic tapestry while the vocals mix and interact with a second set of background vocals. It’s a joy to be sent by this band to a dreamier world, too bad it only lasts five blissful minutes. Keep your ear to the ground for more details on New Future, due for release March 22 via Found Object.

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