Pop Quiz: Jawbreaker Reunion

Our new best pals, Jawbreaker Reunion are set to release haha and then what :) on 2/26 through Miscreant Records, in case you've been avoiding all things good. Ahead of that release these wonderful angels were kind enough to take our Pop Quiz, and let me tell ya, it's real good. Questions were generated based on band interests and our interests so it's cute.

Photo: Andrew Piccone

Photo: Andrew Piccone

The Grey Estates: What kind of bird represents each member of JR?

Lily Mastrodimos: Oh this is tough. I think we are all American Woodcocks, aka “timberdoodles”, for they are the noblest of all birds.

Bella Mazzetti: We would all be the mythical Phoenix, rising from the ashes of other people's’ bullshit.

Dre Szegedy-Maszak: Have you ever seen a button quail? We are all button quails.

TGE: If the band was making a board game, what kind of game would it be, and bonus points if you can name it.

LM: Oh gee, no clue :(

BM: Whatever the board game is, it would probably incorporate some aspects of Guitarmageddon (fake song title charades, pretty much)

DSM: Everyone’s answers to this are so weak but I can’t think of a better one, you have officially stumped the band

TGE: What would the official Jawbreaker Reunion cupcake be? Flavors, decorations, name, go wild!

LM: Something gluten-free and very very chocolatey.

BM: Chocolate cake, fresh raspberry jam filling, vanilla bean frosting- any decorations we want. Tart and sweet and comforting and as creative as you wanna be with it in that moment!

DSM: I think Bella has the clearest idea of this one, I’ll eat it

TGE: Best teen movies for a sleepover and do we need nail polish?

LM: “10 Things I Hate About You” was my go-to for a while, and YES please please bring nail polish! I like blues, greens, metals, and reds, and glitter, but please bring whichever suits your fancy!

BM: I’m partial to dark teen comedies so for me for me it would have to be a double feature of “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and “Sugar and Spice”. Nail polish if you want but really let's not skirt the topic of face masks. Bring your favorite face mask or we can share mine (Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee or Oatifix, in case you were wondering) or we can make one out of honey and avocado or whatever!

DSM: I was the kid that didn’t really want to commit to the sleepover and had their parents come at like 11 PM to bring me home so..

Photo: Andrew Piccone

Photo: Andrew Piccone

TGE: If you could be in any scene band from high school which band would it be?

LM: I’m gonna have a very disappointing answer for this because I bypassed my scene phase completely and can’t think of any bands other than Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and the All-American Rejects...which I realize are not scene bands but, uh, hey here we are.


DSM: Lily’s out of the band and we’re doing BMTH covers bye

TGE: Dream JR merch item?

LM: I would love it if we made shirts or hoodies for dogs. Or SWEATERS (for either people or pups).

BM: boxer briefs with our name on the butt!!!!

DSM: Temp tats for all

TGE: What's been an album or band you can't get enough of lately?

LM: Been listening to PUP’s self-titled a bunch! It was a good one to listen to on tour because it’s got this wayward feel that makes me think they wrote it while on tour themselves. “Dark Days” has been one of my go-to “yelling in the car on my drive home from work” songs. Also been listening to Adult Mom’s “Momentary Lapse of Happily” a lot lately because it makes me feel ok and I miss those pups muchly.

DSM: I recently haven’t been able to stop listening to Petal (both their 2014 and 2015 releases), Courtney Barnett, and Dilly Dally (esp. the f-ing Know Yourself cover!!!). When I’m trying to work I rotate between Stars of the Lid and Mount Eerie until my brain starts to reject it.

TGE: Which Cooking Reality television show would you want to be a contestant on, and do you have a signature dish?

LM: I would love to be on the Great British Bake Off cos it just seems so goddamned pleasant. Like holy hell I would love to bake a cake under a tent in the British countryside! Everyone is so nice even when the cake is shit. Nutso. As for a signature dish, I make a mean vegetarian chili, which has zero things to do with cake.

DSM: Great. British. Bake-Off. I have a gluten free ginger cake for Paul Hollywood.

TGE: Describe your new album using pictures of cute cats and dogs.


DSM: I just google image’d “breakup dog” but:


TGE: Would you rather be best friends with Lizzie McGuire or Miranda?

LM: Uhhh….Miranda? Maybe?

BM: Miranda, definitely. I was always really sad that she wasn’t the main character.

DSM: What an amazing reality to exist in where I even have the opportunity to make this decision

TGE: If Jawbreaker Reunion was a barbie, what kind of barbie would it be and what accessories would come with it?

BM: We are Monster High dolls for SURE. If there is a medusa one or a mermaid one we are probably that barbie imo.

DSM: One of the Barbies with built in phrases that says “Playing music is HARD, let’s go shopping!”

LM: Wait holy shit I would love to be a monster doll. Can we be a pack of Monster High Werewolves? Please?

TGE: Favorite moment as a band so far!

LM: The whole of tour was pretty damned spectacular.

BM: All of tour with Adult Mom or recording our latest album at Salvation Recording Co. ! Both incredible experiences.

DSM: Tour. I still sometimes wake up expecting to be in a van.

Special thanks to Andrew Piccone for letting us use his photography!

mp3: "Dirty Work" - Swim Team

mp3: "Power" - Eskimeaux