mp3: "Pressure (Feat. Frankie Soto of Surf Club)" - Crescendo

I spent my weekend in a winter haze, wishing for brighter days and the return of temperatures that don't require layer and layers of clothing. As night settled in, a beaming bit of warmth and light was found in "Pressure," the latest single from Crescendo. The quintet from LA will release their newest album Unless this week on We Were Never Boring Collective, and the glory of this track is more than enough to encourage any newcomers to fall under their spell. You know the sparkling reflections and shadows that a stunning wave of sunshine casts back? The calamity of that vision, the unexpected and glittering visions is etched at the heart of this single. "Pressure" is dreamy and poignant, rising faster and further with each second, a twinkling burst of light you nearly struggle to keep hold of. If that doesn't make sense just take a listen because in short - it's stunning.

video: "National Parks" - Big Ups

video: "National Parks" - Big Ups

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