mp3: "Hard" - Los Angeles Police Department

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Ryan Pollie’s solo bedroom project-turned-band Los Angeles Police Department dropped a new single this past week. With “Hard,” the flippantly-named group find themselves building on their memorable hooks and simple yet profound lyric twists. 

Sickly sweet violins cut through the verses, warm bass flows throughout, a chirpy synth illuminates the chorus, and the guitar possesses a sort of southern-baked twang. 

“And I find it hard/ To be in love” Pollie admits in a beautiful chorus melody. It can suck to be alone, but sometimes the stakes of being in love are even worse. You give a part of your being and share your innermost desires with another person; you have a mutual trust that the other isn’t going to blow the whole thing apart. Unfortunately, a lot of relationships explode, and there is no way of getting out 100% intact. 

This subject matter is reminiscent of the bulk of lyrics found on LAPD’s first album, but it never feels like a retread. His lyrics and singing have a very honest sincerity to them. Perhaps putting these fears and doubts into his music helps sort through his issues. We all have our outlets, but unfortunately they can’t all be as pretty as LAPD’s latest effort. 

Guest Mix: Potty Mouth

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video: "National Parks" - Big Ups