video: 'Goodness' Album Trailer - The Hotelier

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

The Hotelier have announced their follow-up to 2014's incredible Home, Like Noplace Is There. The Massachusetts band shared a music video with a brand new song to go along with the announcement. 

It’s a song of yearning, passion and appeals to our desire to strip ourselves bare and reveal our purest selves to each other. 

“I would lay and absorb in the silence/ In your language I haven’t learned yet.” This line along with Wordsworthian pastoral images are shared by Christian as he sings sweetly overtop a lovingly strummed acoustic guitar. 

The video feels authentic, the details are small and lived-in. The protagonist makes her way across a cityscape full of eccentric faces staring back at her. They dance, they argue, and they scratch lotto tickets while lighting up a cigarette. They’re all searching for something, killing time, making a little corner for themselves in this world. 

The last third of the song is overwhelmed by electronic textures and synths as the guitar and vocals drift away. It sounds like an awakening. An enlightenment. 

As she leaves the streets of the city behind she comes across a beautiful forest full of middle-aged nudists. They appear fully unencumbered, at peace with their lives. They frolic through the field and pick flowers while flashing their teeth. They might not hold all the answers, but they found some sort of peace. That has to count for something. 

The Hotelier’s latest LP, Goodness, is out sometime this May via Tiny Engines.

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