mp3: "Can't Stop Fighting" - Sheer Mag

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Sheer Mag, the anarchic grunge-fueled Philadelphian five-piece, begins their new song “Can’t Stop Fighting" with a powerful anecdote of injustice. The fiery track references the hundreds of unsolved murders in Ciudad Juarez, where poor, working-class women have been preyed upon during their walks from manufacturing factories that are primarily staffed by women. Convictions are a rarity, and the women never get an ounce of justice. The scene is set with just two lines: “Paloma walks home at night from the maquiladora/ 8 days later, no one has saw her.” It’s delivered with uncomfortably causality, and that is exactly the problem. This issue is becoming all too common. 

Christina Halladay’s authoritative voice channels unbridled fury over rousing guitar riffs and grandiloquent drum beats. She inspires outrage over vile, cruel, and senseless masculinity that perpetuates these common crimes. Preceding of a scorching guitar solo, Halladay informs the listener about her sister’s experience on the subject; she says there is no grace or glory at the end of the story. Halladay won’t accept that. “We’re striking back baby/ And you can find me in the vanguard.” She’s going to use her voice to lament this tragedy time-in-and-time-out, and empower anyone that is willing to lend a sympathetic ear.

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