album of the week: haha and then what ;) - Jawbreaker Reunion

I've never seen this blog as a platform for typical reviews. I could tell you how smart and upbeat the new Jawbreaker Reunion is - how it's some of the catchiest and anthemic fuzzy pop to hit my ears in years. I could describe each of the instrumentals and how they sound, but that's never been my style, and that's certainly not the point.

This past weekend I felt in a funk. There was no real reason for it, but during my period of questioning, searching and pondering I found a revelation and a companion of encouragement in haha then what :). 

Life is full of insecurity, doubt and the unknown. We fall in love, experience heartbreak, crawl into a corner and let anxiety overwhelm us, navigate the ceaseless maze of adulthood with unexpected results - or maybe that's just me. Jawbreaker Reunion is the respite from those woes, a reminder that we're all going through the same muck and we're going to make it out, maybe even stronger than when we started.

From the thunderous moodiness of "Your X,"  to the hopeful and cheery cries of "Apple," it's an album of joyous self-discovery. When a beau breaks your hearts and leaves you reeling ("Small Investment") or worries of chasing away a love with too much affection ("Scare You Off") creep into your mind, it's therapeutic to know that yeah, that's totally normal and Jawbreaker Reunion has been there, done that.  I've shouted and cried to haha and then what :) and now I'm suggesting you do the same. It's out now.

video: "Is It Possible / Sleep Song" - Frankie Cosmos

premiere mp3: "Rosebush" - Gold Light