mp3: "Ride" (Unreleased, 2010) & "And I Tried" - Generifus

One of our current favorite labels, It Takes Time Records, will handle the reissue of I Don't Have to Worry from Generifus. This version will see a number of demos and unheard singles join the already stellar tracklist.

Today, we bring you two tracks from the release. First is "Ride," an unreleased demo from 2010 that's subtle and unassuming, its beauty found in the purest and perfect melding of acoustics and song. In a time of struggles and questioning, a song of riding out the worst of storms and doing your best hits especially close to my heart. "And I Tried" is equally as significant, although not as quiet, with a romance that really wasn't and the endless effort that went into at the heart of it all. Together, the two singles act as a sweet, meaningful sendoff to the weekend.

Surviving with Adult Mom

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