Guest Mix: Mom Mix

This is not a normal Guest Mix because my mom made it. For three years I've ran this blog and she's read it from day one.

She used to read my Grizzly Bear fan blog, even when she didn't know who Grizzly Bear was. Chris is a special mom because she lets me bring home strangers I meet on the Internet - first being Kerry from said Grizzly Bear fan blog and then Tom from GoldFlakePaint, and anytime a band or a friend or anyone wants to visit she lets them because I'm 26 and live at home since life is hard sometimes, and I can't figure it out.

Anyways, my mom is the blog's biggest fan. She likes Leggy because they took me on tour and she likes Future Oak and Wake the Deaf and High54LOFI because they say nice things about me. She really likes Tom from GoldFlakePaint because he was so pleasant and he laughed at my dad's jokes. She likes Negative Fun Records, too.

Basically, anything that I do my mom loves and supports and after years of reading and supporting me here's a little mix from the woman responsible for me. Growing up, she started me with a boombox and Janet Jackson tapes, and I returned the favor with a series of CDs called Mom Mixes. Anyways, here's a mix Chris made for you guys, and I hope you love it.

mp3: "Blush" - SMUT

video: "Nobody's Baby" - Sheer Mag