7": "I Think You're Alright"/"Rush" - Jay Som


As often as I write, I still find myself struggling with the words to accurately describe my feelings. Whether I'm uttering romantic thoughts or trying to describe my anxious moments, I find that I'm awful at saying exactly how I feel. Jay Som essentially says everything I can't on the lovely new 7". "I Think You're Alright" is the A-side, a romantic, dreamy promise of all the things one could be and do for a partner. From brewing a morning cup of coffee to wiping their blood off the concrete, the track is gorgeous and growing, finishing with an ending of unruly instrumentals that perfectly echo the whirlwind of love. B-side "Rush" is breezy and bright, with its surf rock meet country twang encouraging listeners to stand their ground, and grow into their own. Together, the tracks act as a brief and beautiful reminder of all the words, thoughts and experiences we so often struggle to share. In about 7 minutes, Jay Som allows us to come into our own, and with a press of the play button, one never has to leave.

video: "Down Down Down" - The Coathangers

Toon Tunes: A Rigby Mix

Toon Tunes: A Rigby Mix