7": Our Girl

The digital version of the 7" from Our Girl opens with a slick cover of Ty Segall's "Sad", and it's the first indication of what a promising, powerful talent the band is. The limited edition release of singles "Being Around" and "No Big Deal" brings a refreshing, ferocious, and razor-sharp take to garage rock, delivering on a pair of walloping singles that hit you, hard. "Being Around" centers on a premonition, a feeling of changes soon to come, the uncertainty reflected in airy, breezy vocals that float above the thunderous noise below, guitars and drum that rise and fall, leading you to a combative climax, where it all comes together. "No Big Deal" features the same breathy soprano, this time the whispering leading to screams, and dark, metallic fuzz. The 7" swallows you whole, finding brilliant beauty in the midst of chaos. 

mp3: "5am" - Chastity Belt

mp3: "Know A Man" & "It's Fine" - Hello, I'm Sorry