7": Strange Family - Nice Legs

Lately, we're all trying to escape or find a way to cope in increasingly darkening days. The 7" from Nice Legs is an otherworldly adventure, their fuzzy lo-fi tinged in an incredible, billowing softness. "Mighty Three" has vocalist Lauren Walker leading you straight into the skies, bandmate Mark Lentz providing a lush cascading pillow of instrumentals for you to fall into. It closes with a set of whispers that seem to dare you to close your eyes and continue the journey into "Ashtrays." The adjoining single warps Walker's vocals, into something seemingly distant with psychedelic twinkles painting a more than fitting picture for a track of "falling into arms." Strange Family brings the rush of feelings and wonderment that come with peering up into a twinkling night sky to life - we may have no idea what's beyond, but what we're able to see and hear provides a dreamlike comfort for the immediate present.

video premiere: "Take My Time" - Cassandra Violet

split: Camp Cope/Cayetana