Album: Adult Teen - Lisa Prank

There's no guide to life for the moments when we may need answers the most. Growing up, nobody tells you what to do when a doofus in skinny jeans breaks your heart or that when your heart is racing, and you think you might be dying that WebMD is wrong, and you just have anxiety. Instead, we're kind of forced to go it on our own, collecting our thoughts and lessons into journals or the recesses of our brain. It's been said on here before, but Lisa Prank's Adult Teen is essentially the guide to life we've all been missing. And, if you read our past interview you'll find that many of her songs are inspired by her own journaling and life mishaps. 

A gal and her drum machine take your hand and guide you through the scrawled and graffitied lessons of love, life and growing up. Whether it's "Starting Again" after a beau totally breaks your heart, avoiding arguments and asking "Why Can't We Just Dance" or ditching all responsibilities in favor of a "Drive Anywhere," Lisa Prank uses a pop punk attitude and candy-coated jams to tackle the toughest moments in life with total sweetness. Joined by a cast of fellow musician friends who take over additional instrumental duties, Adult Teen is the album I needed when I was looking to Blink 182 to help soften the blows of high school. Lisa Prank brings alive a sound as colorful and creative as her artistic namesake, treating us to a bubble gum blast of fun. Adulthood might not ever get any easier to understand, but with Adult Teen we can escape for just awhile into a spunky, catchy soundtrack that may just help us find the answers.

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