album: Could It Be Different? - The Spook School

album:  Could It Be Different? - The Spook School

Midway through Could it Be Different? and The Spook School sings everything about the past year that we've all been thinking — "It's been a bad year, and I don't think It's getting any better anytime soon." It's a defining, declarative statement and an indicator of what this band does best — find the bright side in any and all circumstances.

The Spook School makes scrappy, garage pop with more heart and spirit than one can possibly even begin to imagine. On the previously released Try to Be Hopeful they fought back against the binary and encouraged listeners to "Burn Masculinity." And here on Could It Be Different? they once again lead listeners on a journey of acceptance and fighting back, including a fuzz filled riot that celebrates being "Still Alive" and a similarity buoyant bop ("Body") that broaches the subject of attempting to be comfortable in your own skin.

The party continues on tracks including"I Only Dance When I Want To" which uses memorable harmonies and lots of reverb to properly celebrate the spirit of independence and on a sugary, but cunningly fast jaunt that contemplates the anxiety of what lies ahead ("While You Were Sleeping"). The album closes with "High School", a noticeably slowed down farewell that travels back in time, using light instrumentals and only vocals to set the stage for the rest of the band to step in for a soaring sendoff. These final four minutes encapsulate what make The Spook School so important, their relatable and at times heartbreakingly honest indie pop is gleefully unabashed in its attempt to just make listeners feel, to remind even one person out there listening that it's okay, that you're not alone. Could It Be Different is a needed message that it's ok to not be ok, we're all just trying our best, and when everything else seems like too much just turn to your friends in The Spook School for reassurance.