Album: Jurassic Punk - T-Rextasy

Despite what some may think, regardless of our gender, we can all truly be and do whatever we want. We don't have to be prim, proper, pursue a future that doesn't suit us or let people call us pet names that are downright insulting. T-Rextasy's Jurassic Punk is an unruly party, a not so subtle middle finger to all those rules and expectations. The New York five-piece celebrates individuality, with their own entertaining brand of pop punk.

Vocalist Lyris Faron uses her unique pipes to welcome us to the T-Rextasy party, a place of endless revelry. Here among the fuzz of guitars, bass and drum, we're allowed to find ourselves, chase our dreams of rockstardom ("I Wanna Be A Punk Rocker"), imagine a sexual encounter with a "Yellow Jacket Boy" and recall all those silly "Gap Yr Boiz" we totally fell for. In a previous interview, the band detailed their intense and lasting friendship, and Jurassic Punk is them giving listeners the other half of a best friend necklace. It's an invitation to be yourself, whether you're an aspiring punk rock prodigy or just a pizza lover. With the riotous and memorable sounds of Jurassic Punk you sure to find yourself, and make some new best friends in T-Rextasy, too. 

podcast: The Grey Estates Podcast #5 with Esmé Patterson

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