album:  Lemon Lime - Shady Bug

album: Lemon Lime - Shady Bug

words: Kayla Carmicheal

If I had to describe Shady Bug’s Lemon Lime in one word, it would be sick. And by sick, I mean gloriously good in only the best ways possible. If you’re a huge fan of guitars, you’re in for a total treat, as they shine on each and every track in a distinct and different way. If 70s haze were to meet up with 90s grunge and start a band, it would be called Shady Bug.

The album begins with the grunge-filled noise of “Make It Up.” The single mentions sharing cups of lemon-lime drink, and just as the guitar takes over, clea and confident vocals are delivered to complete this post-rock package. As the track concludes, the album slows down to welcome listeners to the record, and then we’re ushered into into the lo-fi delight that is “Lucky.” The instantly memorable track features riffs seemingly pulled from the Beach Boys.

“Whining” is one of those singles that gets me hooked with slow intensity, before blowing my socks off with a high-powered mid-song thrash of power chords. It’s a perfect hard, fast, and loud compliment for its album companion, “Canada Dry.”

Album stunner “Blow” is a beautiful mix of peaceful rock and hardcore. There’s a lot happening within this track and I enjoyed every second of the wild drums and unusual melodies. The line, “You blow up, it’s 3 o’clock,” slows down the single, making for a perfect fit into the record as the song plays out.

Lemon Lime is a record filled with songs that begin as topical, experimental slow rock moments that don’t always stay that way. It’s a surprise to see where each song will take the album’s energy. “Flood Song” handles this transition the best, with each section bleeding into each other, as album closer, “Flake” comes in with an entire woodwind and low instrumental movement for its unexpected moment.

There’s so much more to the record that’s hard to put into words, but it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for something new to avoid responsibilities with in 2019.

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