Album of the Week: Assholes EP - Mommy Long Legs

Mommy Long Legs landed in our inbox with a thwack, and we’ve been in love with these Seattle “punk rock prom queens,” since hearing Life Rips.Assholes brings us a fresh done of their breakneck brat-punk, although this time we’ve awakened from the slumber party to take on the Assholes of the world.

It’s sugar coated in spunk, with our fearless ladies taking on “Cat Callers” - “what the hell makes you think that I want your opinion of me,” and the “Assholes” more concerned about “money, goddamn financial plan, GMO’s, NFL and Super Bowls, reminding these jerk-offs that “in the end we’re all alone.” 

The things that’s just so damn endearing about MLL is their willingness to embrace the weird, ruffle your feathers and ultimately just be themselves. The sounds of their exuberant and fearless punk come fast and furious - a giant eff you to all those who stand in their way. As they declare on closer, “Weird Girl,” - “I wanna be a weird girl/I wanna be a freak girl.” Assholes is about embracing your independence and ultimately coming to love yourself.

Bow down everyone, Mommy Long Legs have returned, and these sounds are just as glorious as ever. 


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