Album of the Week: Bake Sale Hotties - The Bombshells


We’ve all had that one best friend you could always turn to. The person who will give it to you straight, laugh with you through the night, tell you to get over that idiot or cry with you during your worst moments. The Bombshells are that best friend, their message of empowerment coming in the form of exuberant, sludgy pop. Bake Sale Hotties is the best friend we all need, the gal pal that reminds us not to “take shit from anyone.”

The Bombshells are besties in real life, coming together over trips to the mall and malts to form, their band beginnings unraveling in Moleskin notebooks filled with doodles and ideas. When best friends come together it’s bound to be fun, and the little more than 20-minutes of Bake Sale Hotties is buzzing bratty punk, caked in red-lipped attitude and confidence. We already fell hard for “Who’s To Say,” and the love affair continues with similar chants of self-acceptance. “Blood Boils,” takes the frustration of being a young women in punk and gives it a spiritual beginning, with harmonies and organs backing wishes to leave it all behind, while “Literal Ass,” encourages ladies to leave their heartbreakers in the dust - “you’re the worst and I hate your guts.”

Knowing that the release was recorded in a bandmate’s bedroom only adds to this spirit of kinship, especially considering the ladies left their coughs and giggles in the final product because, “that’s who we are.” In a time of photoshop, Instagram filters and Kardashian sisters it’s refreshing and kick-ass that these “bombshells” are unafraid to show who they are. 

Photos: Eskimeaux, Mitski & Elvis Depressedly at Chain Reaction, Anaheim, California (7/1/15)

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