Album of the Week: Charm School - halfsour


Despite what the title suggests, there's nothing refined about halfsour's charm school. Rather, the 6-track EP is a reckless, rapid few minutes, with the Boston three-piece tearing through musings on life, love, losing and even enjoying sweets for dinner.

From the album's outset, the band sweeps us into their version of a charm school, where their innermost thoughts and fears are scrawled out on a chalkboard for listeners to learn from. charm school is noise pop at its purest, unrelenting but inviting. Whether reflecting on the poignant loss of summer and what a season's change means ("Day Dogs") or taking a moment to slow the tempo and catch-up in the quiet ("Ice Cream Dinner") there's an undercurrent of urgency and a sincere heartbeat to each moment. If you're burnt out, bummed, frustrated or just plain bored, halfsour will kick away those feelings, and replace them with their gunning, albeit charming glimmer of hope. 

charm school is out Friday on Disposable America & Too Far Gone Records.

mp3: "Dreaming" - Winter

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