Album of the Week: CRUSHED-PONY

CRUSHED takes the rollercoaster of emotions found from falling in love and presents them in an EP of breezy, fuzzy jams. This 4-tracks EP sums up everything you’ve ever felt when your eyes take hold of that special someone and the rest of the world melts away. While you and I might be more comfortable keeping loves successes or failures to journal entries and secrets among best friends, PONY confesses them to the world. Hell, they even admit all the boys who stomped on their hearts provided some valuable inspiration (check the linear notes on Bandcamp).

From the desperate appeals for a lover not to leave (”Don’t Go”) to realizations on a romance turned sour (”My Only One”), the Ontario four piece proudly “wear their hearts on their sleeves.” Their love triumphs and woes are something all listeners can identify with, and thanks to a backing of candy-coated garage pop it’s hard not to walk away totally enamored. 


photo: Rima Sater

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