Album of the Week: Desire - Nanami Ozone


Desire is a funny thing, because when you want something badly enough you'll do anything to get it. And on Nanami Ozone's debut LP the Arizona four-piece desires love, stability, an opportunity to be anything but alone. Their garage rock is daring, romantic, a moving glance at the emotions we bury deep in our chest. We've all had moments of isolation and as they sweetly sing on "Sonny Bono," - "it's hard to be alone/I know you think so too."

Their soundtrack of lusting and daydreams is one that's completely impressive for a debut. From catchy calls for a lover to return, backed with a western twang ("Right By Your Side") to coy pleas for one to stay and "Be Cool to Me" exhilarated with deeply contrasting fuzz and blown out guitars, the sound of Desire is sweet, pure and perfectly honest. With vocal duties swapped between tracks, the band demonstrates an effortlessness to their thunderous cool. Desire is razor-sharp and smart, the first look at a band making music on their terms. if you have any doubts of how incredible the album is, take a listen to the title track. Its raucous, frenetic energy engulfs you, the sensuality and craziness of that all-consuming desire etched in guitars, drums and relentless howls. Nanami Ozone might be just getting started, but we're already desiring more.

mp3: "Friend Zone" - Yucky Duster

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