Album of the Week : Double Loser - Daddy Issues


I’m always thinking about what’s next.

I’m turning 26 next month, and I keep thinking about all the old memories and people I left behind. I miss them, sometimes, and I wish I hadn’t always been in such a hurry to leave it all behind. I mean, now, I’d give anything to have that freedom that comes with a much younger age. As a boss lady I can’t really have box wine nights every night with friends, or skip work because I want to catch up on Pretty Little Liars. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but I can’t help but crave those moments when adulthood wasn’t actually here.

Enter the debut EP - Double Loser from Daddy Issues. The very first time I heard this Greensboro, North Carolina foursome, I felt that exhilarating freedom creep back in again. Their first single, “So Hard,” might have been about getting a long-distance lover hard, but it unleashed some of that youth I temporarily tucked away.

“So Hard,” the triumphant and sexy surf rock anthem, joins the previously released “Lethal Dose,” and two unheard singles,“ Sex on the Beach” and “Let’s Go to the Mall.” Opener, “Sex on the Beach," is sensual and dazzling, a gentle melody about a moonlit rendezvous, made all the more meaningful with a breezy instrumental backing and the hauntingly beautiful chorus. "Let’s Go to the Mall,” is a theme song for the punk Cher Horowitiz in us all, as the girls go over their plans for a day of cutting class in style, declaring, “fuck you, we don’t care." That attitude sticks with you long after the album has played out, their girl-gang garage rock allowing us all to temporarily declare a huge “fuck you” to the adult world we sometimes need to escape. I might have to head back to my desk on Mondays, but at least there’s always an escape in Double Loser to turn to.

Double Loser is out now on Negative Fun Records & Egghunt Records.

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