Album of the Week: Dreamlover - Roses


Roses are a Los-Angles trio that we immediately fell in love with and then wrote about a bunch of times. Despite our complete and total adoration for their oft day-glo colored soundtrack, we never got around to presenting the entire EP. Released back in August through Group Tightener, Dreamlover is the group’s recorded debut, which takes each of their 80s inspired ideals and brings them all together with the recording help of Alex DeGroot (engineer/keyboardist for Zola Jesus).

Those unfamiliar with Roses should know that you’re stepping into a dazzling world of new-wave and pop, likely to leave your head swimming in a sea of sweetness and sunny daydreams upon completion.  The EP continues much of what we already heard in single releases – the glittering twinkles of synths, the groovy bass and guitar that moves to a funk of its own accord, sharp taps of a drum machine, all backing cinematic stories of romance and excitement. Roses brings the magic of the West Coast to life, their breezy collection of tunes leaving you just starry-eyed enough to imagine you’ve stepped into your own John Hughes film, minus the brooding dude or lady for you to crush on.

mp3: “Mars Attacks" - The Courtneys ft. Young Braised

video: “Better Run” - Witching Waves