album of the week: Duster's Lament - Yucky Duster


Duster's Lament is like stepping onto a merry-go-round, with the off-kilter and engaging pop of Yucky Duster serving as your soundtrack. The four Brooklyn friends follow up their previously released full length with this release, 5-tracks of garage pop that epitomize the highs and lows of growing up and making it through each day. Duster's Lament is welcoming to listeners, the band cozying up to you with secrets of trying to remain composed when you're up against "The Ropes", noticing the subtle changes that make friends seem like "Different People" and avoiding a late night call from someone who needs to "Thaw". Their 60s style harmonies melt your heart with an irresistible and permanent charm. Even in the face of feeling like a total bummer, Yucky Duster finds a way to make it all seem okay - "I don't mean to get you down/I'm just having one of those years." If you can't bear to face the day or you need a reason to smile, the Brooklynites' merry-go-round is here to help you hide. All you need is the cotton candy.

mp3: "Tummy Ache" - Diet Cig

Toon Tunes: BMO from Adventure Time