Album of the Week: For Young Hearts - Soccer Mommy

For Young Hearts comes at you softly, like a warm summer breeze that invites you towards a season of adventure, romance, pining. It's a soundtrack for daydreaming, embracing your feelings, even sadness and it's so subtle in its own beautiful way, that it leaves you completely starstruck. 

The album's bedroom pop components reveal a much deeper meaning beneath the surface. Beginning with the sweeping melodies of "Henry," an ode to a dreamer and a heartbreaker, soccer mommy right away reveals a deeply beating heart. So often our digital listening habits can prevent us from truly soaking in the music, but For Young Hearts commands your attention, the confessions of a "chill but kinda sad bedroom pop," singer coming as sweet whispers into your ears. "3 am at a party," is the moment that I felt myself give in, a short, but sweet tale of early morning conversations with a friend, punctuated by an ending of repetitious "you deserve better." In its totality the album feels much like the single's namesake, as if you're a best friend at that very party, giggling, laughing, crying late into the night, sharing secrets and your heart with soccer mommy. Despite the struggles and tears that so often accompany our darkest moments of sadness, there's something beautiful to be found in that despair and soccer mommy presents that in a completely stunning way.

It's available now on tape through Orchid Tapes.

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