Album of the Week: Lonely Hearts Club “No Jerks Allowed” - The Pretty Greens


There are plenty of days we could all just use a little encouragement. This proves especially true in the case of being a female in today’s society. Sometimes we just need a reminder that are feelings are valid, that we deserve the best and that our future is ours alone to conquer, and we’ll get there when we’re ready.

While we continue on towards our dreams, at a walk or a run, the girls of Philadelphia’s The Pretty Greens are here to stand in our corner. Their latest EP - The Lonely Hearts Club “No Jerks Allowed,” provides a much needed nudge, with their varied garage pop stylings acting as a war cry for the oft-unspoken, but shared struggles we all come to experience in one form or another.

It begins with “Elevator Eyes,” a blown-out boot kick to cat-callers, the ladies triumphantly declaring, “this ain’t no peep show, I just wan’t to go home…I won’t be abused.” The single is a triumphant takedown of those who feel the need to “look at you like a piece of meat,” even when you’re pajama clad and make-up free. Speaking up for yourself and knowing your worth is a recurring theme in the EP with the threatening fuzz of “Tiny Locket,” calling for independence from a hurtful lover and “Once Before,” declaring the necessity of protecting hearts and minds from those you just can’t trust, a quick vocal breakdown, nearing a rap, making a surprising, but welcome appearance.

As the girls previously explained on breezy single, “First Time,” these cries for social justice, the significance of being your biggest fan leads you onward, towards the next big thing, towards the future you deserve. So, find your voice in the Lonely Hearts Club.The Pretty Greens are happy to welcome us all into their circle, well except the jerks.

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