Album of the Week: Moonstoners - Baywitch


Maybe it's my incessant watching of Adventure Time or that I'm so desperate to keep hold of summer and every memory associated with it, but Baywitch's Moonstoner is seriously animated, summer-approved surf rock. During all my listens, I could see Finn and Jake listening to this as they head to the beach with Princess Bubblegum. 

Anyways, Lila Burns is the mastermind behind it all, describing Baywitch as a "guitar, some looping pedals and some magical spells."

Swirling those ingredients together in her pot of magical brew unveils a rainbow colored potion, a colorful concoction that's childlike and wondrous. Whether comparing a dangerous boy to an unseen shark in the waters ("Cosmic Zone") or letting repetitious twinkling effects carry us to a "Lazy River Galaxy," Moonstoners is a trip into the colorful mind of Burns. Space is often depicted as dark, solitary and quiet, but the Moonstoners galaxy created by Baywitch is inviting, a celestial party where you can slip on your Moon Shoes and leave behind the woes of the world. 

mp3: "Magic Eye" - Peeling

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