album of the week: New Kind of Normal - Cayetana-

New Kind of Normal is one of the most sincere, emotional and powerful records you'll hear. It was clear in the early glimpses of the album that Cayetana (Allegra Anka, Augusta Koch, and Kelly Olsen) planned to bravely share it all; their hearts seemingly opened up and poured out for listeners to absorb. And in its full completion and listening, their bravery in sharing the deepest and darkest parts of living shines through in a strong, resilient force of unforgettable punk. 

This album celebrates our insecurities, fears and self-doubt, it highlights the moments when we finally find the strength in ourselves to get through the hardest of days, and serves as a beacon of hope and light during an otherwise gloomy period for us all. Whether the slowed down and stripped back realization of a love that isn't equal ("Easy to Love") which swirls in guitar and drums, the subdued and dreamy confessions of "Side Sleepers," which beautifully confronts the fear of losing someone - "will you love me still if I can't get out of bed/will you love me still with these sick thoughts in my head" or poppy, gritty reflections questioning change and fear ("Follow"), the albums stands as a testament to every part and emotion of you. It's a celebration of overcoming, a reminder to "remember the good that happened here," to love those who stood beside you and to know that you're not alone. The album concludes with the goosebump inducing "World," a track where Koch's vocals barely rise above the sounds of a city around her - glass shattering, sirens screaming, the quiet songs of birds, a passing car honking in the distance. It's one final secret whispered in your ear, that finds its way straight into your heart, where the message and hope found in New Kind of Normal can lodge itself. It's three minutes to reflect and in the process begin to find your own New Kind of Normal. 

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