Album of the Week: Night of the Living Dreams - Littlefoot


Have you ever had a dream that submerges you completely in a past you’ve forgotten or in fantastical images of something utterly unreal? They’re the kind of dreams that leave you in a foggy haze long after you’ve awoken, - purposefully misplaced memories, secret aspirations and a world so unlike your own that stick with you, jumbled in your morning thoughts.

It’s only appropriate that the debut full length from Boston’s Littlefoot is called Night of the Living Dreams. In this first full-length the band leads you into a delightful hideaway away from the norms of surf rock and dream pop. Much like those hazy delusions you run over and over in your mind, trying to remember all that daylight has glazed over, the music of Littlefoot is a daydream world one is reluctant to leave, a paradise of surreal beauty.

Though the release gets underway with the twang of “sad love song [from someone else]”, listeners are soon set adrift in 60s inspired swirls, the serene soprano of lead vocalist Erica Sutherland acting as our wondrous guide. Joined by fellow members Derek Knox (guitar), Judy Chong (back up vocals, bass) and Ashley Gurrero (drums), this dream is a deep, magical slumber, each track acting as another cycle in a whirlwind fantasy.

Even when the darkest of nights reveals a terror, or a “fever dream” there’s a silver lining to be found, and as Erica sweetly proclaims against a whimsical instrumental backing, “I guess that all i can do is hope for the best for you /and promise that someday /your nightmares will all go away.”

Artist: Pale Lips

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