Album of the Week: O.K. - Eskimeaux

Rarely do I find myself struggling with the words needed to describe why a particular release is our Album of the Week. Although it has happened, nothing has stumped me in such the way that O.K. has. It’s a shared feeling among staff here, with a contributor admitting he too couldn’t find the words needed to express how much he loved the release.

The very first time I listened it was early in the morning during my commute to work. As soon as “Folly” opened I found myself utterly stunned and overwhelmed, and that feeling of complete shock, amazement and just bewilderment remained, and it’s remained each of the bajillion times I’ve listened since. It felt kind of funny actually, the sun was just starting to come up over treetops and it was nice enough that I could have my windows down - it all felt kind of surreal.

There’s no shortage of adjectives that could be used to describe the release - glistening, dreamy, wondrous, gorgeous, beautiful - but somehow each of them doesn’t feel enough. There’s not a word to describe how deeply intimate, revealing and personal this album is. Each second and song unravels so wonderfully and works so well together. In a sense it’s like standing in a open room, the sun streaming in, the band’s secrets, their thoughts, their struggles enveloping you, a heavenly space to get lost in. A space you can return to again and again, all with the touch of a play button.

O.K. demands to be experienced for yourself, it demands your own adjectives, your own thoughts, your own ear attuned as deeply and sincerely as possible. Find your own secrets, share in the band’s secrets and don’t take anyone else’s word for it, even mine.

O.K. is out now through Double Double Whammy.

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