Album of the Week: Over Easy - Diet Cig


Words: Dan E Brown

Describing themselves as a pop rock band from New Paltz, NY, Diet Cig’s aesthetic and charm can seem somewhat understated by such a blank and succinct sentiment. Their new EP Over Easy seems to burst at the seems with hooks ranging from the poppy to the grunge filled, and teems with lyrics which act as a tender and somewhat venerable ruminations, channeling the world seen through singer and guitarist, Alex Luciano and drummer Noah Bowman’s eyes.

Along with the candid and frank descriptions of everyday life that occur within the lyrics, another element is added to the music sonically in the form of the doubled sided nature of the genres used. Songs on the EP dart from light and airy pop-indie and dainty garage to all out thrashes and melodic freak-outs wrapped up in thick and heavy layers of grunge-esque distortion. “Pool Boyz" is the finest example of this amalgamation, being a fun narrative of spontaneous decisions and somewhat cheeky adventures that showcase Diet Cig’s approach to songwriting at its most clear and driving.  

"Scene Sick" is another stand out song amongst the EP, detailing the somewhat apathy of gang mentality and ‘look after your own’ frame of mind that can occur within music scenes. Calling out frankly that sometimes scenes can be boring and the best bands are sometimes found not being part of one, it’s a 1 minute and 46 statement of trademark sincere preaching from Luciano.

Closer, "Harvard”, is the most vivacious and galvanic on the EP, being a joyful jaunt and dilapidated thrash of chiming guitars sitting upon swathes of rich distortion. It’s a fun listen and sees a band that isn’t really afraid to talk about the more relatable things in life, shunning the use of mystery and metaphors in music and instead telling it how it is, with the outcome of which no doubt being that someone will find this piece of music a wholly comforting and engaging listen, with the mirth of the songwriting being the extra appeal that people undoubtedly look for.

Over Easy is out now through Father/Daughter Records.

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