album of the week: So Many Singing Compilation

Music can be a powerful thing, capable of producing emotions, memories, and change. While we so often delegate the sounds of our favorite bands to soundtracks for commutes or daily tasks, Ruination Record Company provides a powerful reminder to truly listen. The label brought together some of our favorite artists and those we have yet to know for a special compilation that's donating all proceeds to the International Refugee Assistance Project. It's a pretty amazing thing when you think about - all these artists coming together, their varying sounds blending for one common goal - helping others. Opening with the previously shared "Cary," a downright out of this world moment of brilliance from Half Waif, the album includes over 48 songs - including the bubbly and soft "Round & Round (Demo)" from Poppies, a demoed version of the prolific and moving "Crying About the Planets" from Ratboys, a gunning, gutteral punch in THICK's "Wasting My Time," and the intimate acoustics of Adeline Hotel's "Taste the Same (Demo)". There's so much goodness here to uncover and it all supports a worthy, wonderful cause. 

album: Swear I'm Good At This - Diet Cig

mp3: "Slowing" - Guilt Mountain