Album of the Week: The Debutantes - The Debutantes


If this self-titled debut EP from the Irish trio of The Debutantes proves one thing, it’s that the fuzz and reverb we so often find in noise rock can be stunning, beautiful and downright swoon-worthy. Out now through Soft Power Records as a limited tape release, the release comes from a batch of familiar faces – Sarah Grimes & Paula Cullen of September Girls, along with Leon Butler. This 5-track affair takes a dose of sugary, blissful pop and finds a jolting and complementary contrast in the unrelenting crunch of fuzz and drums – making for a candy-coated creation as sweet as a stick of rock candy. The good news – no matter your candied flavor of choice, the release is so uniquely beautiful that it’s likely to charm anyone with a sweet tooth, or just a penchant for noise.

mp3: “When I Cry” - Daddy Issues

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