Album of the Week: Too - FIDLAR


On their second catalog release Too, the boys of FIDLAR leave the land of “Cheap Beer” and “Cocaine” behind for adulthood, and as this “Why Generation” comes to realize, growing up isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

This time around the garage-punk rockers turn a little serious, with much of the album detailing band-member Zac Carper’s struggle to remain sober, and all of the turmoil that led to this point.

I can’t ever imagine or know what it’s like to go through an addiction, but the thing that really resonates with me is the fact that FIDLAR feels more sincere than ever. Sure, their music still resembles a raucous punk party that I shouldn’t be at, but this time around they’re leaving early, and delving much more into the life predicaments of many.

Let’s be real, at what point haven’t we all felt like “dying”as opposed to spending another day at the office (”West Coast”), or regretted every dumb thing you’ve ever done in a relationship (”Stupid Decisions”)? And the fact that every single thing we say or do can be captured forever on a screen brings up an intense anxiety of craving a life to yourself, or just knowing that you matter to someone, somewhere (”40oz. On Repeat”). As they proclaim on “Sober,” and it’s something we all come to realize, regardless of our background or struggles - “I figured out as I got sober that life just sucks when you get older.”

This isn’t like the garage rock that so many have come to expect from an area of Burger Record bands and aspiring basement bands, it’s crazy inventive, and won’t leave your thoughts. Every second demands to be screamed along to, and repeated. When Too comes together it’s as if you’re reading the scrawls and doodles that cover the walls of the album art - you’re following and watching a band coming into their own.

Too is out now through Wichita Records and Mom + Pop Music.

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