Album of the Week: Womb - Womb

There was something particular about this album that connected with me in a way I haven’t experienced in a long time. After repeat listens it became clear why - Charlotte Forrester aka Womb comes complete clean on this release, but not in a typical way. Rather, her secrets unravel under a gorgeous glaze of imagery and passionate reflections. 

The songstress doesn’t come outright and sing of how shitty her breakup was or how hard life is to navigate. Instead, she weaves a delicate and dreamy tapestry of finding her solace, even in the midst of struggling. 

It’s more than appropriate that her moniker is Womb - the release keeps you safe, wrapping you in a cozy blanket of gauzy and languid folk. From breakups (”Airplane #1) to life changing paths (”Sounds of Our Voices”) and even the moments when it’s all too much and you just need to rest (”Lioness”) Charlotte presents it all, her soprano a delicate but pronounced presence amidst a backing of instrumental experiments.

Sometimes a release needs more than a description of sounds, genres and expectations. Sometimes it needs to be experienced by an individual listener and Womb is such a release. Find your own period of comfort or take a break from whatever trials you and get lost in the mind of Womb.

p.s. this release needs some headphones, please.

mp3: “Survival” - Adult Mom

EP: FOUR - Mini Dresses