album premiere: Won't Be There - Luke Reed

When you're in the throes of darkness it can be hard to articulate any of that to those around you. If you've ever struggled with anxiety or depression you know all too well how those illnesses can totally cloud your headspace. It's a dragging weight that lingers and looms, and you're just struggling to break through. Luke Reed of the Bent Shapes and Mini Dresses took his periods of darkness and put them to song, recording Won't Be There. It's one of the most telling and relatable pieces of music I've heard as far as the disparaging thoughts that accompany our darkness go. The beautiful and varying acoustic work found on Won't Be There is striking, intimate, as if Reed has invited us into the pages of his diaries or the scrawls of songwriting. On "Sudden," Reed sings of wishing for the hand of someone else to place in his own, and that's one of the most sincere moments. The truth is, most of us are all looking for a hand to hold and for the briefest moment, Reed offers his hand, letting us in, and letting us know that we're not alone in our feelings. 

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