album: Typical Girls Vol. 2

words: Kat Harding

Emotional Response Records, run out of Flagstaff, Arizona, now has a second volume in their Typical Girls compilation series. Typical Girls is a trip around the world, featuring artists from Spain, Germany, the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. A unifying theme runs through the compilation - women, girls, and nonbinary folks are angry. All around the world, these groups are treated as second-class citizens, watching old white men politicians slowly chip away at their rights and future happiness. But not all hope is lost, as long as there are engaged young people, ready to fight, and people willing to lift up voices different from their own.

Named for the Slits’ 1979 question “Who invented the Typical Girl?” the compilation is a searing group of high-energy punk songs. Every song will have you kicking and moshing 'til the end. Standouts include a trip across the pond for the UK’s Skinny Girl Diet’s track “burnouts” and an even longer journey to Australia for Bent’s “Space is Bent,” the opening track. With plenty of atonal guitar work, wailing, and crashing drums, Bent’s track is just over a minute of a pure intensity.

Discover your next favorite punk band on this record. Since listening, I’ve been hooked on Juanita y Los Feos, whose track “Vallecas” is featured on the compilation. It’s catchy garage rock, sung in Spanish, which is a favorite genre of mine. Every track on the comp has something for you to discover, whether it’s an unreleased single from a band you already enjoy, or a new band to check out across the planet.  

Pick up a copy from the Typical Girls Bandcamp page.

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