Artist: Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird


Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird’s latest full-length was released in April. Sin Forma is the culmination of months of hard work from the Chicago-based quartet. Their sound is sharp and dreamy. The album’s first half moves at a breakneck pace, their post-hardcore style punctuated with dreamy shoegaze moments throughout the album. Voice memos serve as a basis to thematically connect the album and help ground the themes of loss, and youthful friendship.

The album is ferocious; a powerful shout into the void of the hardcore scene. The lyrics are poetic, and moments like the horn section on standout track “If You Need a Place to Stay” and the quiet instrumental “Still in Texas?” reflect a softer and more mature side to the young band.

Band member Matthew was excited to share his insights and the band’s experience on their recent summer tour:

“The tour went very well. So many moments that I could recall. Our favorite show/night collectively was in Cincinnati with Great Dane. First band played, then we got two songs in and cops shut down the house show. Within minutes, everything was being moved a mile and a half away to another house to continue. It was crazy but somehow organized itself well and it was packed into this tiny room at the second location where we and Great Dane finished off the night. We also spent some time at a beach in North Carolina and in caves passing through Tennessee. People’s Warehouse was rad! First time in Pittsburgh, we’d definitely come back.”

The LP ends up being a very cohesive experience. Fueled by anger and emotion and an even measure of regret. An album that leaves you with visceral images like ripping out your tongue, disassembly of body parts in order to keep a loved one, petals of flesh, and a father delivering books to his son in the hospital (a reminder he was once loved).

Visit Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird’s bandcamp and download Sin Forma for free. Alternatively, ButterflyPuke Records has copies of the LP for sale on translucent red vinyl.

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