Artist: Roulette Waves

Today we’re introducing you to the sounds of Pittsburgh’s Roulette Waves. True to their new album’s (Blown Out) namesake the band makes truly gnarly and raucous grunge rock or as they call it on their Facebook - BIG WAVE FUCK ROCK GRUNGE. 

You can catch the band in action for yourself at an August 8th show at Club Cafe, and in the meantime we were happy to find out what keeps the band busy in their downtime, asking them to divulge their guilty pleasures and current pop culture favorites.

Heather - I love to go outside with my dog. I suck at watching TV shows but I got really into LOST once. I enjoy documentaries about environment,  food or humanitarian rights (Chasing Ice, Blackfish, Food Matters, No Impact Man, Lost Angels: Skid Row is my Home, The Human Experience).  I also enjoy crazy movies about supernatural beings, economical theories, or psychological thrillers (Sixth Sense, Ethos, The Butterfly Effect, Green Mile). I love chocolate anything! When I’m sad I eat mac and cheese or scones. I’m obsessed with coffee and tea. I like a nice capucinno from Constellation and espresso from 21 St. I love dipping myself in essential oils :)

Greg - Hm… Guilty pleasure would have to be making little 8-bit Mega Man characters out of perler beads.  Anytime I feel lonely, I can make a new best friend! Yay!  Favorite television shows include Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job!, Roseanne, Home Improvement, Party Down, and any food porn on the Food Network.  Cool Hand Luke is the greatest movie of all time, and if you don’t like, you are dumb.  Also, any cheesy horror film is great in my book.  Hey Gus, come over and watch Dr. Butcher, MD with me!

Gus - My guilty pleasure is eating absurd amounts of nachos and listening to Jock Jam compilations (not at the same time, but thats a good idea).  Right now my favorite show is Bar Rescue, I enjoy watching Jon Taffer comically explode with rage in every episode. The last movie I saw in the theater was Godzilla and it was magical. Also, invite me to watch an old 80’s slasher movie and I’ll never say no.

Gordy - My guilty pleasures include, in no particular order: Vanilla Wafers, binge playing Mario Golf for N64, and Coldplay. I don’t really watch T.V. at all, but lately if I can’t sleep or am having a lazy day I’ve been watching The X-Files on Netlix. Stellar acting, stellar effects, and it can really turn into a stellar (or interstellar) mindfuck. I also don’t watch movies very often, but when I do there is about an 80% chance that it’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. That’s my favorite movie of all time.

Derrick - My guilty pleasure stems from being a comic book geek, yes I like to create different types of art, but one my favorite things is drawing ladies, superheroines, 50s & 60s style pinups.  Favorite TV shows right now are Californication, Ugly Americans, & Halt & Catch Fire. Some of my favorite movies are Back to the Future, Evil Dead, Fear & Loathing, Donnie Darko, Bride of Frankenstein, and my newest fav is Mad Max Fury Road.

mp3: "The Washing Machine" - SPORTS

mp3: "Skin" - All Dogs