mp3: “Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas” - Beach Slang

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Beach Slang lead singer/guitarist James Snyder has been involved in punk music for almost two decades, and he has been honing the craft that his past project Weston set out to do all those years ago. After two wonderful fist-pumping EP’s, Beach Slang returns with their debut full-length The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us, and it’s due out October 30 (pre-orders are available now). Snyder’s new project smartly adds a second guitarist to fill out their sound. The bright reverb-washed guitar tones and anthem-sized hooks are a great snapshot of where the band is sonically on this album.

Beach Slang likes to reminisce about youth-filled moments. A collection of memories about joy, love, heartbreak, and partying. Sometimes, these are memories we’d rather move past – however, nothing beats shouting these lyrics with a band that knows how to play to a crowd. Beach Slang fits neatly with other contemporary high-energy acts like Japandroids while carving out their own niche. The lyrics and singer’s snarl harken back to later-year Replacements while maintaining a fresh sound.

“The sound of your heart is wired to break/Too fucked up to love, but too soft to hate.” It’s hard not to get caught up in your own self-loathing sometimes, Beach Slang reminds us that it is universal. It will be okay. Let’s dance and shout until the sun comes up.

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