mp3: "Clean Touch" - Very Fresh

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

So, what’s the hold up?” Cindy Lou Gooden asks part-way into her fantastic new single, a song that comes after a two-year sabbatical from music. This grunge-soaked track delivers, Gooden isn’t waiting anymore. The moment Very Fresh’s “Clean Touch” kicks off it feels decidedly off-kilter. Lazy picked guitar and bass lines brought to the forefront help accentuate the feeling of sea sickness that the song produces. Gooden delivers a fraught vocal performance about a compulsive need to clean her house. The lyrics are mostly left-field, and her melodies lead her down a path of vocal gymnastics. She recalls the apathetic-slacker delivery style of Stephen Malkmus on the more eccentric Pavement cuts.

The 7″ drops on 11/13 through New Professor Music.

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