mp3: "Cold Feet" - Alright


Words: Dan E Brown

North Carolina has built itself up a reputation for producing bands much loved by The Grey Estates, with Daddy Issues and Echo Courts being just a select few we’d be happy to name. Coming out of the same district and dispensing a slightly more aggressive and blaring attitude to what we’re used to is Alright. A quick background check of the tale behind the bands formation and attitude though, quickly shows up the personality and charm we all look for when searching for new music.

With a band name that is derivative from a story which goes “We started playing music together, and it was Alright,” and a song entitled ‘Cold Feet’, a slab of music that is swimming in pop hooks, jovial attitudes, but posses some underlining malevolence in the form of punk swagger and brattishness, makes the package presented to us all the more appealing each step of the way.

“Cold Feet” starts off with a mincing bassline that supports Sarah Blumenthal chiming and airy vocals, before exploding into an anthemic chorus of fuzz and rawness that feels exciting as it does ambitious. The song progresses on in its ever flourishing and blooming state, getting bigger and bigger at each turn, finally culminating in a elephantine chorus of layered gang vocals and reverb soaked lead guitar. It’s a straightforward, nostalgic look on punk, with a bent and peppy twist that shoots for the stars, and gives Alright’s music a sonic character that will most probably cause them to be added to peoples ‘favorite bands from North Carolina’ list in an instant. A band definitely to be ear marked to see what they produce long into the future.


Alright’s self-titled 7″ will be out 3/24 via Negative Fun/Self Aware and can be preordered here or here.

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