Creator Chats: Slumbers & Ohyeahsumi

Welcome to Creator Chats - a conversation among two groups, bands or people in the music industry. Today we have Slumbers and Ohyeahsumi, both of Sports Day Records. The group exchanged questions via e-mail and the results are below.

Ohyeahsumi: Describe a typical Slumbers sleepover party. 


Slumbers: Emma normally falls asleep first because she is very weak. Claire and Sabrina stay up hours beyond that. Claire eventually falls asleep, Sabrina does not. Most of the time we are in an unfinished basement dancing or jumping in the strobe light then playing simpsons roadrage on the ps2 slim, or watching multiple TVs at once. We might talk and laugh from our sleeping bags for a while. We come up with weird schemes and jokes to pull that sometimes become real, serious things. Wake up at 7am coffee and waffles. Coffee coffee coffee. Sometimes we kiss on accident.

We’ve only had 1 real sleepover that wasn’t for recording or touring. It was before Steve. 

Name a person, place, and thing that your music is inspired by. 

friends, lake ontario, pity - Sabrina

canandaigua lake, sabrina and claire, coffee - emma

dr. j, ithaca, friendship -claire

the three other slumbos, any place with a good view of stars, dreams -steve 

If you could listen to one album for the rest of your lives, what album would it be? 

Mort Garson’s Plantasia -claire

Feels by Animal Collective -sabrina

Teen Dream by Beach House -emma

We live here by Pat Metheny Group - steve

Do pineapples belong on pizza ? 

No- sabrina

F off sabrina -claire

They belong wherever you want them to belong. But pls not on pizza - emma

90% of the time my pizza will have pineapples - Steve

Slumbers: Name a person, place, and thing that your music is inspired by


Ohyeahsumi: Person: Beatrix Kiddo.

Place: The haunted Denny’s in downtown LA.

Thing: Our orange creamsicle-colored pipe. 

How old do you feel your soul is? Do twins share a soul? At what moment in death or decomposition does the soul leave the body? Where does it go? When are you no longer you? What is the difference between a human and automated intelligence with programed emotions and social functionality?

 Our soul’s age varies from day to day—depending on how afraid it is of the concept of responsibility. For the most part, we teeter between 40-60 years old, which is funny considering the lively and youthful backdrop we live in. We’re total grandmas. But every once in a while, something triggers us and we revert back to our angst-ridden 16-year-old selves and THAT’S A LOT OF FUN. We definitely share a soul, otherwise we wouldn’t feel sad when the other one is feeling sad.

We’re starting to think we’re in a computer simulation, though, so we’re not sure where the idea of souls after death fits into that narrative! As for human and automated intelligence with programmed emotions and social functionality, the difference might just be that—if we don’t look at it through the computer simulation theory lense—we are innately evil and they are programmed to be evil. If we are indeed in a computer simulation, then we reckon there’s no difference at all. 

What do you usually eat for breakfast (or first food of day) and please give instructions on how to make it. Also what time do you eat and how long after waking up is that?

We, embarrassingly, are not eat-breakfast-at-the-right-time people! We have a horrible eating schedule—usually our first meal isn’t until after noon, at which time we’ll be too busy to cook and opt for some Mexican food in LA (King Taco, anyone?). But lately, being situated in New Zealand, the scarcity of Mexican food has led us to rely on the Kebab stand from across our apartment.

Fuck marry kill: Theo, your twin, the grey estates

 This is such a mean question! But—

Fuck: The Grey Estates

Marry: Each other—this already feels like reality anyway.

Kill: Sorry Theo :( We know a couple of witches that could bring you back from the dead tho. 

Who walks in front?

Lena! Sometimes too fast!

mp3 premiere: "Poor You" - Groupie

mp3: "Certain for Miles" - Cayetana